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BLS Certification in Orlando, FL

If you are looking for a provider of BLS certifications, BLS renewals, and BLS replacement cards in the Orlando, Florida area, you do not need to look any further -- Rescu-Ed CPR has you covered. BLS, or basic life support, is an emergency level of medical treatment used when a victim's heart has stopped beating.


The BLS procedure circulates a minimal amount of oxygenated blood throughout the person’s body in order to minimize or slow the rate that different parts of the body are damaged. While this is not a sustainable method of preserving life, it is a valuable time-buyer before emergency care or an AED arrives.















Who Needs a BLS Certification?


Typically, if there is some degree of liability or risk involved with your line of work, you will be required to have a BLS certification. For example, if you are a doctor, a dentist, a nurse, a nursing aide, a medical assistant, or work in any kind of medical field, it likely is a requirement that you carry a BLS certification card. (Most training companies have a designated HCP-level certification card.)


Examples of non-medical professionals who are required to be CPR-certified due to the high-risk nature of their work are police officers, fire fighters, lifeguards, and even school bus drivers. Although it varies from state to state, some professionals are required by their association, state regulation, or national regulation to have BLS as a part of their licensure.


In the case of most professionals, though, it is their employer who requires them to have a valid BLS certificate, and employers may require their employees to hold BLS cards for a variety of reasons. They may ask that their employees be certified because of an agency requirement, or they may also be required to maintain a level of readiness by an auditing agency such as OSHA, CARF or Joint Commission. The certification requirement could also be a simple matter of decreasing liability if an incident occurs on company property.


A Timetable for BLS Renewal


Valid BLS certifications must be maintained, as most BLS cards expire after 2 years. It is therefore important to go about BLS renewal in a time-efficient manner to ensure there are no gaps in BLS certification coverage. If you allow your BLS card to expire, you may have to get recertified, as some standards and guidelines state that an expired card requires first time training. (Initial certifications, on the other hand, are usually for those who have never been certified before or have not been certified for a specified time after their first certification has expired (usually 2 years).)nswers. To keep up to date with everything Wix, including tips and things we think are cool, just head to the Wix Blog!

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